Package sha256

import "crypto/sha256"

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Package sha256 implements the SHA224 and SHA256 hash algorithms as defined in FIPS 180-4.


const BlockSize = 64

The blocksize of SHA256 and SHA224 in bytes.

const Size = 32

The size of a SHA256 checksum in bytes.

const Size224 = 28

The size of a SHA224 checksum in bytes.

func New

func New() hash.Hash

New returns a new hash.Hash computing the SHA256 checksum.

func New224

func New224() hash.Hash

New224 returns a new hash.Hash computing the SHA224 checksum.

func Sum224

func Sum224(data []byte) (sum224 [Size224]byte)

Sum224 returns the SHA224 checksum of the data.

func Sum256

func Sum256(data []byte) [Size]byte

Sum256 returns the SHA256 checksum of the data.